Jump start your business with new ideas and perspectives, accountability, and growth.

You are not alone. Join a group of small business owners to boost your confidence, get help with problem solving, create a network, build friendships, and get the support you need as a small business owner.

  Lesley Pyle 

 CEO, HireMyMom

What is a Mastermind?

The perfect combination of learning, collaboration, relationship building, and accountability.

AMPLIFY is a MasterMind group for small business owners who are ready to amplify their business, their success, their profitability and their personal growth. 

Facilitated by HireMyMom Founder Lesley Pyle, the MasterMind enables small business owners to learn from top notch business experts as well as form a peer advisory group to meet virtually to collaborate, brainstorm, build valuable relationships and prioritize your most important action items. 

You are not alone!

Running a small business is hard. It can also feel extremely isolating. That’s why we are here to say: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

With this Mastermind there’s NO MORE:

Small Business Owners

We’ve been there, done that. And, you know what? So have hundreds of other small business owners! If you feel stuck, stressed, or uncertain of where to go next, then this group is perfect for you. If you know exactly what you’re doing, where you’re going, and how to grow your business, then this group is also for you! Let’s join together to lift each other up and share our knowledge.

Let’s create relationships and gain skills and knowledge to help you and your business succeed!

Watch your business grow when you...

Join us twice per month for meetings starting in 2022. One meeting will be with one of our knowledgeable experts and coaches, and the other will be used as a think tank to collaborate, brainstorm, discuss and offer suggestions, ideas, and problem-solving to one another.

Learn from the experts...

Our Small Business Mastermind will be facilitated by Lesley Pyle, CEO of HireMyMom who started her work from home career over 25 years ago! She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to you in this exclusive Mastermind.


  • She was named one of “50 Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspire Us” by Self-Made magazine.
  • She has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and many others.
  • She is a contributing writer to Entrepreneur, SmallBiz Daily, CEO World, Fast Company, StartUp Nation, and others.
  • She was an Ambassador of Goodwill for Rotary International in Scotland where she received her Master’s Degree in Public Relations & Marketing.
  • She is on the Board of Directors for Mighty Oaks Foundation – a ministry serving our military and veterans.
  • She is married to her husband Sam and is a mom of four.
  • Pyle also serves on the Prayer Team and Missions Team at her church.

AMPLIFY is a Mastermind designed to help small business owners connect, grow, learn and build valuable relationships.

Our Exclusive Inner Circle Workshops include:

Steps to Successfully Raise Your Rates without Losing Clients

Loren Fogelman

Loren Fogelman

Business Success Solution

How & Why You Should Pitch Yourself as a Podcast Guest

Julie Fry

Julie Fry

Your Expert Guest

Strategies for Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Joyce Feustel

Joyce Feustel

Boomers’ Social Media Tutor

How to Start Trust-Building Conversations on Social Media that Ignite Sales

Deb Coman

Deb Coman

Content Conversion Strategist. Copywriter. Speaker.

How to Write Emails that Get Opened, Read, and Generate Sales

Deb Coman

Deb Coman

Content Conversion Strategist. Copywriter. Speaker.

Hiring to Find the Right Fit: Helping You Hire for Success & Identify Potential Red Flags BEFORE You Hire

Andrea Corpening

Andrea Corpening

Elite Business Performance, LLC

3 Steps to Start Running Your Business like Clockwork

Lisa Cumes

Lisa Cumes

Simple Story Solutions

Persistence & Resiliency

Ericka Kelly

Ericka Kelly Enterprises

Funnels, Follow up and Automation

Brea Gunn

Brea Gunn

Breanna Gunn Enterprises, LLC

Stand Out to Sell More – AUTHENTICALLY

Donna Lang

Donna Lang

Business Growth Strategist

Building Trust and Repeat Customers Who Refer

Angie Barnett

Angie Barnett

CEO of BBB of Great Maryland

*Speakers and topics subject to change.

How much could you and your business grow this year? With help from experts like these, your potential is limitless.

Amanda Krill

“My whole business (and I’ve been running it for 14 years) is possible because of Lesley and I had one client before I discovered HireMyMom. After joining HireMyMom, it snowballed into a business that generated nearly $100k in one year. I am forever grateful to Lesley and and recommend them whenever possible.”

— Amanda Krill,

What to expect?

AMPLIFY MasterMind Group includes the following:

  • Exclusive “Inner Circle” workshops with top-notch coaches and experts  featuring a variety of small business topics
  • Monthly “Think TankPeer Advisory meetings for building valuable business relationships, collaborating, brainstorming, sharing ideas, celebrating wins and creating accountability. 
  • An “At Your Fingertips” resource library with tools, tips and resources for small business, remote teams, including hiring, common roles, duties and average compensation for specific roles.
  • A Private and Exclusive Group App and Desktop Platform to access all Workshops & Meetings, as well as Connect with Other Members in a FB-style community without the FB-style distractions! This exclusive app will also house our Resource Library and Tools!

12 Exclusive “Inner Circle” Workshops with Experts

Exclusive Networking & Community App at your Fingertips

12 Monthly “Think Tank” Peer Advisory Meetings

Accountability & Encouragement

Business Connections with Other SBO

“At Your Fingertips” Resource Library

Why invest in a Mastermind?

  • To grow personally and professionally by learning new skills, creating consistency, finding accountability and overcoming fears and blind spots.
  • To learn from coaches and experts on a variety of small business topics.
  • To increase your sales and profitability
  • To establish a peer community for support, encouragement, relationship building and accountability
  • To share and receive valuable lessons, tips, tools and resources from other business owners. 
  • To see your business grow and achieve greater success.

Consider what more you can achieve with a strong group of small business experts, coaches and peers!

AMPLIFY will be limited to 20 spots so apply now before it is too late!

Should I join?

What’s the REAL value of a mastermind?

  • Exclusive Workshops with Small Business Experts and Coaches
    • That’s a value of $10,000+ for the combined speakers!
  • Peer Advisory Group – endless possibilities for collaboration and brainstorming to improve and grow your business.
    • With a valueof $5,000+ you can’t go wrong.
  • Resource & Tool Library at your fingertips
    • Valuable tools and resources to save you time and money.
  • Exclusive App at your Fingertips for Connecting, Community and Organization
    • Time-saving and organized Mighty Networks Community platform.
  • Accountability & Encouragement
    • Priceless. Knowing you have others to hold you accountable and to encourage you. 
  • Business Connections with Other SBO
    • Valuable opportunities to find new business opportunities, new clients, new ideas and resources.

 That’s a TOTAL VALUE OF $20,000!

As a small business owner, trying to pay for something of that value can often be out of your budget. That’s why we’ve put all this together so that we can offer you a mastermind community at a fraction of that price. We want to support our fellow small business owners to ensure that everyone has equal access to these amazing resources, without the worry of a huge price tag.

This Mastermind IS for you if:

This Mastermind is NOT for you if:

AMPLIFY will be limited to 20 spots so apply now before it is too late!

Questions? We're here to answer them!

Meetings will be midday during the week typically Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

It will be for 12 months.

All meetings will be recorded so you can watch at a later time.

Our investment options are shared with you once you are invited to join.

Once we review your application to ensure you are a great fit, you are personally invited to join or to book a call with our team to answer any questions.

Still have questions?